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Multiple Research Approaches

By combining insider data with company fundamental data and numerous other valuation and price action criteria, we are able to generatd investment ideas for virtually any investment styles. We specialize in quantitative research for momentum, value, and short seller investors.

Momentum Investors

Insiders are often early with thier purchase, and it can take 6 months or more before the positive developments they expect for their company actually start moving the stock upward. This means that following the insiders too early can leave you with dead money or losses in the short term. We combine insider activity and different price actions to find momentum-oriented investments opportunities. Significant signals include:
  • Insider buying at companies with rising share prices
  • Insider buying at share prices well above 52-week lows
  • Lack of insider selling at companies with rising share prices

Value Investors

Academic studies have concluded that insiders as a whole tend to be value investors, and any analysis of recent filings will reveal more value-oriented investments than any other types of investments. However, some obvious price action, fundamental, and valuation criteria can still help value investors identify potential investment. Significant signals include:
  • Insider buying at comppanies with low valuations or positive fundamental criteria
    • Excellent cash flow
    • Increasing earnings growth
    • Increasing profit margins
    • Increasing sales growth
    • Increasing inventory turnover
    • Low price-to-book ratio
    • Low price-to-cash level
    • Low price-earning ratio

Short Seller Investors

Academic studies have concluded that insiders should be in a better position to know if they should be cutting their losses or whether the stock is oversold. We combine insider data, price action criteria, and company fundamental data to find potential investment opportunies for short seller investors. Significant signals include:
  • Insider selling at share prices well below 52-week highs
  • Insider buying at comppanies with high valuations and negative fundamental criteria
    • Declining profit margins
    • Declining sales
    • Declining earning growth
    • High price-earning ratio
    • Declining inventory turnover
    • Negative cash flow
    • High debt-to-equity ratio
    • High price-to-sales ratio
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