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Portfolio Overlay

We specializes in global macro analyses and quantitative analysis that are geared towards enhanced portfolio strategies for proprietary and external accounts. To this we deploy specialist services in active and passive portfolio management. In active management, we combine insider trade data and quantitative analysis to provide risk adjusted portfolio overlay investment strategies for additional risk management or return enhancement.
Constantly striving to add value on an on-going basis, we continuously monitor and adjust our strategies at both a tactical and at a strategic level. On an advisory basis, our in-house expertise and network of specialized relationships are available to assist our clients with a complete solutions-driven mandate.

Investment Process Consulting

Our certainty is a result of our rigorous investment process. Investments are continually evaluated according to their quantitative, technical, and fundamental qualities.

Quantitative Analysis

Based on a purely proprietary evaluation process we consider potential investments according to a wide range of measurable criteria including relative valuation, growth performance, and price momentum.

Technical Analysis

Technical analysis produces an evaluation of longer term patterns, cycles and trends.

Fundamental Analysis

We utilizes an extensive process to collect and standardize fundamental data, ensuring a high level of accuracy to deliver consistent, comparable data across securities, strategies, managers and time periods; all without reporting biases or data discrepancies.

External Mandates

To complement our own investment expertise we may also utilize partnerships with external managers for specific asset classes or strategies.

Portfolio Policies

To many of our peers, controlling risk refers to limiting their losses versus a benchmark. To us, controlling risk means ensuring that permanent capital losses remain a rare and unacceptable occurrence for our clients. As a result our portfolios are subject to a strict risk control framework that ensures diversification and quality guidelines are met in every client portfolio.
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