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Did insiders make abnormal return?

Research carried by the University of Hong Kong in 2002 indicated that; On average, firms in Hong Kong have very concentrated ownership and insiders trade more actively and account for larger fractions of total turnover of their firms' shares than do US insiders. Inside buyers earn statistically and economically significant positive mean abnormal returns. Inside buyers' abnormal returns are especially large for firms in consolidated industries.
   How to identify insider trading signals?
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Insider Trading Rule of Thumb

Stocks often perform better following a month of insider buying.

The activity of a company's officers is more instructive than that of other insiders.

The smaller the company, the more predictive its insider activity.

If several insiders are moving in the same direction, then this should be considered more revealing than the activity of a single insider.

Sales are more common than purchases and provide less insight into a company's operations.

Larger trades should be given more credence than smaller ones.

Inactivity should be taken as a positive sign when a stock is rising.

Insider buying at or near 52 week low is positive signal. However, insider selling at or near 52 week high is negative signal.

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Hang Sheng Index (shows insider active buying period)

30-Day Insider Sentiment Index (HKII-30)


Hong Kong Insiders Sentiment Index (HKII) represents sentiment of company insiders trading activities in Hong Kong Security Exchange for the past 12 months. The HKII represents rolling 30 days total number of company with buy transactions divided by rolling 30 days total number of company with sell transactions. Active zone indicates strong insider trading activities in that period.

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